Elderberry Syrup for Colds and Influenza

When it comes to treating colds, flu and upper respiratory issues, Elderberry Syrup is my favourite herbal medicine. Our family have been using elderberries for years with fantastic results. We take it at the first sign of a viral illness. Elderberries pack a punch when it comes to the cold and flu virus and have been used for thousands of years as food and medicine and even today it is recognized as one of the most powerful herbs in treating colds and influenza.

Elderberries inhibit neuraminidase, an enzyme that viruses use to spread from one cell to another. This means that Elderberries can potentially prevent viruses from spreading and therefore might help the immune system to fight off illness.

Elderberry has benefits that goes beyond only using them for viral illnesses. Elderberries  have shown to support skin health thanks to its anthocyanin content, it is also a good diuretic for bladder infections. it reduces the duration of a cold or flu and stimulate the immune system to help our bodies fight the cold and flu virus.

Elderberry Syrup is a great way to get the benefits of elderberries in a delicious way. Here at the Enchanted Garden we grow elderberries in our garden and make delicious Elderberry Syrup with added herbs and spices for extra health benefits. To read more about it, please visit our Elderberry page on our website https://enchantedgardennaturalhealing.co.za/product/elderberry-syrup/