Vitamin C The most incredible Ingredient

Would you like to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten the look of your skin and minimise the appearance of dark spots?

Then you should think about including Vitamin C to your daily skincare routine.

Your skin is in constant contact with the external environment and is subject to more insults than most of our other organs. It is in the skin where the first visible signs of ageing occur.  Levels of vitamin C in the skin are abundant, but naturally deplete as you age.

During the course of a normal lifetime, the skin is exposed to a number of challenges that can affect structure, function and appearance of the skin. The most obvious signs are a loss of elasticity and wrinkle formation. Exposure to the elements also leads to discolouration, dryness and accelerated wrinkling. Chemical insults due to using products containing chemicals and toxins all contribute to the premature aging of the skin.   

Have you ever thought of what Vitamin C could do for your skin?

Vitamin C slows the early signs of skin ageing, prevents sun damage, and improves the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots and acne.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and because of this it protects the skin against free radical damage that we encounter every day from UV rays, pollen and from pollution. We know that free radical damage is one of the primary causes of skin ageing. Therefore, antioxidants are a vital component in any effective skincare regime.

Not only does Vitamin C protect the skin from free radicals produced from exposure to UV rays, but it also reinforces the action of sunscreen. However, it must not be confused for a sunscreen, as it does not absorb light in the UVA and the UVB spectrum. Once you have applied your Vitamin C in the morning, it should be supplemented with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, preferably by a SPF50 sunscreen.

Not only does it protect the skin from oxidative stress, but Vitamin C also plays a role in collagen synthesis regulation, production, and stabilisation. In addition, it inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for melanin production, helping to reduce dark spots and to even out the skin tone.

To sum it up: Vitamin C helps to prevent UV damage through its antioxidant properties. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen, and reduces hyperpigmentation. What an amazing ingredient to add to your skincare regime!

Here at Enchanted Natural Healing, we believe in nourishing your skin with the best ingredients. This is why you will find 15% Vitamin C (L ascorbic acid) in our Brightening Vitamin C Serum.  We also add Vitamin E to make the Vitamin C more effective. In order to prolong the activity of these two antioxidants, and to prevent them from oxidising, we add ferulic acid. To read more about our Brightening Vitamin C Serum please click on this link Brightening Vitamin C Serum – Enchanted Natural Healing (enchantedgardennaturalhealing.co.za)