Calendula Officinalis a powerhouse plant

Today Calendula will be our rockstar and this is one of my favorite plants.

Our products are formulated with so many of our wonderful medicinal plants. I thought it may be a good idea to occasionally place the spotlight on one of these magnificent plants, for you to understand why they play such an important role in our formulations.








Calendula is a remarkable multi-talented plant with its sun filled blossoms which open at the same time in the morning and closes at the same time in the evening. The beautiful blossoms following the sun as it moves during the day.

Calendula has been used in traditional healing systems around the globe for millennia and can be found on almost every continent. I’m so excited to share with you the many medicinal benefits Calendula has to offer. Today we will focus on its benefits for the skin.

The flowers are the medicine. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and are powerful anti-oxidants.

Calendula’s anti-inflammatory properties help calm redness and inflammation, bringing comfort to irritated skin. It is thus soothing to any skin type. This means Calendula can provide relief to conditions like eczema. This is why we have included Calendula oil to our Eczema cream.

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Your skin has a natural barrier that keeps undesirables out. Sometimes this barrier becomes compromised for a variety of reasons which leaves your skin dry and irritated. At times like this, your skin needs some help in the way of a good moisturiser that helps to repair the skin.  Calendula contains fatty acids that will help moisturise and hydrate your skin. Well hydrated skin can also help to delay skin ageing. For these reasons we have included Calendula oil to our Renewing Night Cream, our Illuminating Day Cream and our Peppermint and Vanilla Lip Balm.

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We now know that Calendula is hydrating, anti-ageing and an anti-inflammatory. This plant is also incredible at wound healing. It accelerates and promotes healing and new tissue growth, while also decreasing inflammation. It also soothes itchiness, scratchiness, rashes and decreases scar tissue. This makes it useful in healing formulations. For these reasons we have included Calendula oil to our Healing Balm.

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In our garden we hand pick our Calendula flowers in the summer. They are then freeze-dried and infused into a carrier oil for 8 weeks. This luxurious oil is strained through cheese cloth and bottled in dark amber bottles, ready to be used in our products. I hope you will agree with me that this magnificent, multitasking, marvelous plant is what you need to keep your skin radiant and healthy.